Throughout the scriptures, we are told to look at the great things God has done for us throughout history as a way of reminding ourselves of His power and goodness (see, for example, I COR. 10:11). This good providence of God is the starting point for history at Wilson Hill Academy. History is more than just a “subject”, though; it is a perspective or lens through which we consider ideas, influences and influencers from past ages as they affect our current choices and future callings.  

At the Grammar School level, our Story of History series focuses on putting all of history in the context of God’s story. Who were the heroes? The villains? Where and when did various events take place? And what was it like then and there?  

In the School of Logic, we include “history” in the first cycle of our integrated humanities series, The Great Conversation. Students begin to see the way people, events and ideas interact with each other and build upon each other over time. They also begin to make analytical connections and to draw cause-and-effect conclusions. For those who need a little more context, we also offer a World Geography and History course that paints a backdrop against which to view material covered in The Great Conversation.

In the School of Rhetoric, we continue to integrate “history” with the second cycle of The Great Conversation series. Increasingly, students are challenged to make interpretive connections and apply the lessons learned from history (and humanities as a whole) to their own life choices and callings. At the same time, we offer elective courses that allow students to dig deeper into specific areas of history and to explore questions of historiography (how one “does” history).  

The ultimate goal is for students to see God’s hand of Providence at work, and to be equipped to answer Francis Schaeffer’s famous question, How Shall We Then Live?